Kay's case
This durable case is made of solid TPU material, is incredibly thin, fits the smartphone perfectly and the precise cutouts around the apertures allow for uninterrupted use. It is designed to offer a high level of protection while only adding 2mm to the overall thickness of the smartphone.
Who is Kay?
Kay is a passionate, ambitious and innovative designer of Spanish roots, that focuses on her love for design and photography, and likes to stand out with her unique style. She is convinced that details are most important, among which is the look of the smartphone. Because of this she has designed a special line of Kay's cases that transform every smartphone into a fashion accessory.
Why Kay's
Every Kay's case is printed in Slovenia and inspected before every order. Constant quality control and use of superior materials enable us to ensure high quality products and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because our mind is on the environment, our packaging is completely biodegradable and nature friendly.
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Kay Kay
Who is Kay
Since I was a child I was interested in design and photography, and in recent years I have been able to combine my passion for creativity with my favorite hobby - travel. I love to stand out from the crowd, which is always reflected in my everyday outfits. I love to play with classic, elegant pieces, to which I always add a touch of daring. I firmly believe that details are most important, and the look of my smartphone which is my constant companion is one of them. That is why I have designed a special line of Kay's cases, that transform every smartphone into something special - for every occasion.
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